Yup. It's that time of year again when people start looking for new jobs. Finding the right job, whatever it is, is never an easy task, but this year hundreds of our fellows are facing this daunting task under very tough economic circumstances and a great deal of stress. As the saying goes, unusual times call for unusual solutions, so maybe this year, all of us and
1-2-3-JOBS can help in a somewhat unique way!

For an LMS, looking for a new positions means looking at multiple sources: local newspapers; state education, library, and school library association job boards; commercial ed. job websites like Teachers-Teachers.com and SchoolSpring.com; and megasites like Monster.com and Indeed.com, just to name a few. Besides entailing a substantial amouth of time, finding the best keyword(s) to pull up the jobs at sites like this is not easy. Do you use librarian, library, school librarian, media specialist, school media specialist, school library media specialist, library/media, each of these choices, and/or others? As difficult as matching a keyword to an indexing term can be, finding good sources in the first place can be even more difficult. Does all this sound familiar to anyone else?

1-2-3 JOBS is a new way to find an LMS position. Strictly a member-helping-member effort, 1-2-3 JOBS is d
esigned to offer leads to people looking for a Pre-K to Grade 12 library position. At 1-2-3 JOBS, members share news of job opening with other members around the country by posting them to the wiki. Unlike other job sites where listings are posted by the originating organization, at 1-2-3 JOBS, members post notices of jobs they have heard of, one way or another, in order to help other members who are looking for jobs.

Jobs can be in public, private, or charter schools, at any location in the U.S., at any grade levels, or at any responsibility level. Job notices will appear as often as members post them, and no editorial decision will be made about the quality or appropriateness of the postings.* Members are responsible for checking the board, matching their qualifications to those described in the posting, and submitting the required application materials as listed in the ad on their own. If you accept a position via a posting on the board, please share the good news with us!

DO YOU KNOW OF AN OPENING? Have you seen or heard about openings

  • on your state LMS association bulletin board
  • in the local newspaper
  • from a friend
  • on a local school's website
  • on a wiki, twitter, facebook, or blog site
  • on an ALA grad. program's job board
  • at a local college or university's job board
  • on your state ed. or library boards?

Great! First, become a member of at http://1-2-3-jobs.wikispaces.com. Then, open 1-2-3 Jobs' listings page, fill in the table with whatever you know about the job, create hyperlinks as you can, and that's it. You've just done what librarians do better than anyone else in the world -- put someone in touch with good information they need! Are you serious, you ask? That's a lot of work! Come on ... anyone who manages as much as you do in the course of a day can surely reach out to help other librarians find work in times like these.

If you know of a K-12 library media specialist position that has already been, or is about to be, posted in your school or the school on the other side of town; in your district or the one down the road; in your state or the one where your sister-in-law works; the one you read about in your state library association newsletter or a professional publication post it here! Make sure to tell your friends, your district HR officials, your state library association, and anyone else who can help spread the word about open positions for LIBRARY MEDIA SPECIALISTS about 1-2-3 JOBS!